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WHAT is the FBSE?

The FIRE BIBLE: Student Edition (FBSE) is a study Bible based on the original notes in The Full Life Study Bible (revised as the Life in the Spirit Study Bible), published in English by Hendrickson. This Bible is unique in its Pentecostal perspective (see the "WHY FIRE" pdf).

To see a comparison between the FIRE BIBLE: Student Edition and Life in the Spirit Study Bible click here (.pdf).

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Campus Missions

The FIRE BIBLE: Student Edition is a prime resource for campus missionaries (CMs). These are students - or any Christians - who accept responsibility to reach spiritually lost people with the message of forgiveness and new life through faith in Jesus. The FBSE can help CMs develop an intentional strategy to impact others for Christ at school, work, home, and anywhere within their sphere of influence.

The Campus Missions strategy involves five key disciplines that enable a person to grow in a personal relationship with God, become more like Jesus and reach others with His message of hope and eternal life through authentic faith in Jesus Christ.


PRAY - A campus missionary spends time daily communicating with God, reading his Word and praying for friends, teachers, school administrators, family members, co-workers and others who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus.

LIVE - A campus missionary lives an authentic, consistent Christian life that demonstrates godly character, obedient faith and passionate love for God and his Word. These things should be evident in a lifestyle of worship to God and unselfish love for others.

SERVE - A campus missionary follows Jesus' example of servanthood by using his or her God-given abilities to serve the church and community. This involves demonstrating sincere humility and active compassion in a way that reflects Christ's love and influences others to consider Christ's claims for themselves.

TELL - A campus missionary actively pursues opportunities to talk about Jesus, particularly with those for whom the campus missionary has committed to pray. He or she is prepared to initiate conversations about spiritual matters, to respond to questions about God and faith, and to lead others into a personal relationship with Christ.

GIVE - A campus missionary honors God with his or her material and financial resources by giving generously of time and money to promote godly ministry and spread the message of Jesus around the world. The campus missionary also uses his or her talents and opportunities to serve God's purposes locally and globally. (See Speed-the-Light page.)

Click Here to learn more about Campus Missions.

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