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About FIRE Starters

New Testament FIRE Starters are now available in a yearlong, daily devotional book. This hard cover book is laid out in 365 daily devotionals allowing you to take FIRE with you! Great for personal use, to use as a family or give as a gift.

Order your hard copy of the FIRE Starters book today!

Today's FIREStarter

FIREStarters Online

All of the FIREStarters are available to view and download online - on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device!

Each FIREStarter also includes a downloadable pdf with two days of study. You can download these free of charge or simply refer to them online.

FIREStarters Online


Fire Starters are designed to help you read and study through the Old or New Testament in one year, regardless of when and where you start. But, even if you aren't following the one-year track, you can still select the Fire Starter that corresponds to whatever you are reading in the Bible on any given day.

The Fire Starters provide 10 to 20 minutes of study, including the Bible reading.


Fire Starters can also be used to facilitate family time in God's Word. The family leader can start by referring to the "THINK" section. Sometimes this gives background information on the passage. Other times it may be an illustration that could remind family members of personal examples or opinions they could share. Often, the first section contains thought-provoking questions that could spark some opening discussion.

For more on Family Fire Starters, please see the complete instructions at the bottom of this page.


The Fire Starters are highly adaptable for small group leadership and study, directly linked to the notes and commentary in the FIRE BIBLE: STUDENT EDITION. The wide array of questions in the "RESPOND" section will provide more than enough interaction to fill most small group discussion times.

For Complete Instructions on Fire Starters, including how to use the "Think", "Respond" and "Act" sections of the Fire Starters click here ».

FOR IDEAS on how to structure your small group ministry or individual meetings, see the downloadable training session "DIVIDE AND MULTIPLY: Developing and Maximizing Your Small Group Ministry."

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