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Youth Pastor Openings

Brawley Assembly - Brawley, CA

Name of Person to Contact: Paul Tedesco
Mailing Address: 580 C Street
Location: Brawley, California 92227
Telephone Number: 760-344-2491
Email Address: paultedesco@att.net
Church Web Site Address: getting ready to get a new one
Specific Needs: We are in need of a combo worship/youth leader or couple who could fill both roles. This is somewhere between part time and full time and definitely wanting to move to full time. A parsonage with utilities is included plus a salary. This all depends on experience, ability and what can be accomplished. Worship is blended but 75-80% contemporary. Across the street from the local high school. Please send an email with resume, any items we can hear or see of you in action and any questions you might have.
Approximate Youth Ministry Size: Under 50
Approximate Church Size: 100-150
Employment Needs: Part Time

Whitefield Assembly of God - Ripley, TN

Name of Person to Contact: Pastor Jeff Ogg
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 148
Location: Ripley, Tennessee 38063
Telephone Number: 731-635-4062
Email Address: pastor@whitefieldripley.org
Church Web Site Address: whitefieldripley.org
Specific Needs: We are looking for a full-time Youth Pastor who will also help us in the area of outreach. Our preference is a couple, and being a people-person is a must. Organizational skills are important. Must possess a heart for ministry, a passion for young people and a great work ethic. Good pulpit skills are important too.
Approximate Youth Ministry Size: Under 50
Approximate Church Size: 100-150
Employment Needs: Full Time

Coweta Assembly - Coweta, OK

Name of Person to Contact: Mari Horn
Mailing Address: PO Box 9
Location: Coweta, Oklahoma 74429
Telephone Number: 918-486-3110
Email Address: info@agcoweta.com
Church Web Site Address: agcoweta.com
Specific Needs: We are looking for a passionate individual to serve and lead our student ministry. Our student ministry position involves reaching the students of our community, strong emphasis on discipleship, worship, fellowship opportunities to strengthen student relations, and being actively involved with our missions and compassion ministries. This individual should expect to be active in campus ministry with local schools and facilitating campus outreach. This position will also require working with a pastoral team in assisting our lead pastor.
Approximate Youth Ministry Size: 50-100
Approximate Church Size: Over 300
Employment Needs: Full Time

Christian Life Assembly -Waunakee, WI

Name of Person to Contact: Leonard Allen
Mailing Address: 1161 Simon Crestway
Location: Waunakee, Wisconsin 53597
Telephone Number: 6088494577
Email Address: freeborn@christianlife-waunakee.org
Church Web Site Address: christianlife-waunakee.org
Specific Needs: Recently rebooted youth ministry with strong adult and church support. Many new milestones reached this last year. Youth pastor has gone into missions. Good for the kingdom hard for us. We need someone to give direction to the program and integrate with a church that is aiming for the next generation.
Approximate Youth Ministry Size: Under 50
Approximate Church Size: Under 50
Employment Needs: Full Time

Crossroads Cathedral Assembly of God - Centralia, MO

Name of Person to Contact: David O. Hartgrove
Mailing Address: 905 E BOOTH ST
Location: Centralia, Missouri 65240-1220
Telephone Number: 573-682-5089
Email Address: revhartgrove@gmail.com
Church Web Site Address: Facebook
Specific Needs: I am looking for a person passionate about ministering to students in a rural setting. Students come from a number of small communities making discipleship a challenge. This is not an easy ministry and will require commitment and persistence. Persons looking for a ready made position need not apply.This position requires a pioneering spirit and an ability to not become easily discouraged.
Approximate Youth Ministry Size: Under 50
Approximate Church Size: 50-100
Employment Needs: Part Time

Oskaloosa First Assembly of God - Oskaloosa, IA

Name of Person to Contact: Michael Dotson
Mailing Address: PO Box 248
Location: Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577
Telephone Number: 641-672-2503
Email Address: pastormike@oskyag.com
Church Web Site Address: oskyag.com
Specific Needs : Looking for a Student Ministry pastor to build upon a rich heritage of youth and children's ministries with main role as Youth pastor
Approximate Youth Ministry Size: Under 50
Approximate Church Size: 150-200
Employment Needs: Full Time

River of Life Christian Center - Riverview, FL

Name of Person to Contact: Pastor Tom Bozzuto
Mailing Address: 6605 Krycul Ave
Location: Riverview, Florida 33578
Telephone Number: 8136774453
Email Address: tbozzuto@rolccfl.org
Church Web Site Address: http://riveroflifechristiancenter.org/
Specific Needs: River of Life Christian Center is currently accepting resumes for a Student Pastor position. River of Life is located in Riverview, Florida, one of the fastest growing communities in the Southeast. Many of the high schools in our area are among the largest in Florida and provide an excellent opportunity for dynamic youth ministry. We are looking for a passionate individual who is willing to be a team player and work in a multicultural, multigenerational church. With a strong emphasis on discipleship, the Student Pastor will be responsible for leading, mentoring, and ministering to the students of Reality Student Ministries. RSM empowers students through challenging messages and opportunities to impact their community. The Student Pastor will help students build lasting relationships and prepare them to change the world with the hope of Jesus.
Approximate Youth Ministry Size: 50-100
Approximate Church Size: Over 300
Employment Needs: Full Time

El Bethel Church - Grand Ridge, FL

Name of Person to Contact: Pastor J. Clinton Howell
Mailing Address: 2503 El Bethel Church Road
Location: Grand Ridge, Florida 32442
Telephone Number: 850-718-8070
Email Address: pclintonh@me.com
Church Web Site Address: elbetheldeclaring.com
Specific Needs: A wonderful opportunity for someone to grow with a thriving Church in a rural area just outside of Tallahassee Florida. We are interviewing for a Youth and Worship Pastor. Someone who can strategically lead and communicate vision to the youth ministry of the Church. As well as, someone who is talented and gifted in the area of worship, who can lead contemporary congregational worship.
Approximate Youth Ministry Size: Under 50
Approximate Church Size: 100-150
Employment Needs: Full Time

Iglesia Nueva Vida - Longview, TX

Name of Person to Contact: Myra Morales
Mailing Address: 4820 Tenneryville Road
Location: Longview, Texas 75604
Telephone Number: (903) 220-3528
Email Address: myramorales@gmail.com
Church Web Site Address: nuevavida.ag
Specific Needs: We are looking for a bilingual, Spirit-filled associate pastor who can focus on youth, but also serve on our leadership team. We are a Spanish church with mainly young families from a variety of Spanish nations. We place a high priority on children and youth ministry and serving our community.
Approximate Youth Ministry Size: Under 50
Approximate Church Size: 100-150
Employment Needs: Part Time

Living Hope Family Worship Center - San Mateo, FL

Name of Person to Contact: Tammy Spedden
Mailing Address: 106 Dunlawton Av
Location: San Mateo, Florida 32187
Telephone Number: 386-538-1945
Email Address: dat3a@aol.com
Church Web Site Address: livinghopefwc.com
Specific Needs: Passionate young man (or married couple) desired! Looking for a Spirit-filled, Intrinsically motivated, good communicator that possesses good (and growing) leadership potential and has the ability to motivate, connect/relate to and inspire teens! Music and arts abilities is a great plus!
Approximate Youth Ministry Size: Under 50
Approximate Church Size: 150-200
Employment Needs: Part Time

Rogersville Assembly of God - Rogersville, MO

Name of Person to Contact: Greg Robertson
Mailing Address: 201 S. Marshall St
Location: Rogersville, Missouri 65742
Telephone Number: 417-753-7177
Email Address: rogersvilleag@gmail.com
Church Web Site Address: rogersvilleag.com
Specific Needs: We are looking for an eager, energetic couple to join our church staff! This is currently a full time position however part-time could be considered if necessary. We prefer either credentialed or pursuing credentials with the Assemblies of God. Worship leading capabilities a plus but not a requirement. If interested, please send a resume to Pastor Greg Robertson.
Approximate Youth Ministry Size: Under 50
Approximate Church Size: 50-100
Employment Needs: Full Time

The Connection Assembly of God - Thomasville, GA

Name of Person to Contact: Pastor Jason Puckett
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5769
Location: Thomasville, Georgia 31792
Telephone Number: 229-379-6228
Email Address: jpuckett@iconnectchurch.com
Church Web Site Address: www.iconnectchurch.com
Specific Needs: Specific Needs: The Connection AG has an immediate opening for an Associate Pastor with an emphasis on Student Ministries. This individual serves as the leader of the middle school and high school, providing leadership for all services and events in these departments while overseeing staff and volunteers, counseling with students and parents as needed. Plans and executes weekly youth services. Facilitates youth worship. Prepares and delivers weekly sermon. Selects or develops curriculum for youth. Recruits and develops staff for youth. Develops and executes monthly youth fellowship activities. Plans and delivers semi-annual outreach events. Develops and executes fundraising events. Organizes and facilitates major annual events such as Fine arts, Camp, etc... Coordinates and develops relationships with local schools. Disciple students in a one-on-one setting. Preference will be given to those who can fill multiple roles such as Worship and or A/V Media/Graphic Arts. Part time Salary 15k-20k depending on qualifications. Full-time Salary 30k-35k depending on qualifications. Please send resume along with speaking clips.
Approximate Youth Ministry Size: Under 50
Approximate Church Size: Over 300
Employment Needs: Full Time

Glad Tidings Church - Lubbock, TX

Name of Person to Contact: Pastor Jared Baker
Mailing Address: P.O Box 12296
Location: Lubbock, Texas 79452
Telephone Number: 806-620-0595
Email Address: jwbaker75@gmail.com
Church Web Site Address: www.gtclubbock.com
Specific Needs: Glad Tidings Church is a Spirit-filled, independent church seeking a passionate youth minister or family that can ignite a vision in our young people and grow a youth ministry. We are a multi-cultural, 4-year old congregation in the heart of the city with a vision to evangelize, disciple and reach people with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Must be a born-again, Spirit-filled believer with a heart for young people and a passionate worship relationship with Jesus Christ. The position will be part-time at first, but will grow into full-time as you help build the youth ministry. Let us know your heart, ministry experience and accomplishments, as well as any training you have had.
Approximate Youth Ministry Size: Under 50
Approximate Church Size: 100-150
Employment Needs: Part Time

Word of Life International AG - Springfield, VI

Name of Person to Contact: Wendel Cover
Mailing Address:5225 Backlick RD
Location: Springfield, Virginia 22151 
Telephone Number: 571-435-3388 
Email Address: wendelcover@gmail.com 
Church Web Site Address: WOLAG.ORG 
Specific Needs: Need a youth minister who is missions minded and can relate to intercultural people and ministries. We are a church made up of over 100 nationalities of people We are located near Washington DC in a great multicultural area. We thank God for a great past but believe our greatest days are ahead. Email your resume and send a video of ministry you have been involved in to Wendel Cover, Sr Pastor 
Approximate Youth Ministry Size: Under 50 
Approximate Church Size: Over 300 
Employment Needs: Full Time

Revive Church - Arlington, TX

Name of Person to Contact: Stephan Kilgore 
Mailing Address: 1221 S Center Street 
Location: Arlington, Texas 76017 
Telephone Number: 682-323-4659 
Email Address: stephan@reviveyourworld.com 
Church Web Site Address: reviveyourworld.com 
Specific Needs: Looking for a part-time (20/hrs/wk), with full-time potential in the future, youth pastor to lead a youth group. Must have vision to grow the youth ministry and vision for integrating our current elementary age students into the youth group when they come of age. Responsible for the disciplining and spiritual growth of the students. 
Approximate Youth Ministry Size: Under 50 
Approximate Church Size: 150-200 
Employment Needs: Part Time

First Assembly of God - Puxsutawny, PA

Name of Person to Contact: Devin Wintermyer 
Mailing Address: 2785 Walston Rd 
Location: Punxsutawney Pennslyvania 15767 
Telephone Number: 904-294-3183 
Email Address: pdjw1@aol.com 
Church Web Site Address: www.firstassemblypunxsy.org 
Specific Needs: Oversee Youth Ministry, has grown from 0-35 in 2 months, great opportunity to build something of your own we also need this person to be a resource person for the Children's Ministry team, We have 4 strong leaders who need direction and guidance. About 30-40 kids a week between Sunday and Wednesday. Music would be a plus. The person must know how to manage time properly and be able to say no when appropriate. The current Pastor came in June of 2016 and the church has grown from 70 on average to between 110-120. We are looking to capitalize on what God is doing and not lose momentum. The church is very sound financially and is debt free. 
Approximate Youth Ministry Size: Under 50 
Approximate Church Size: 100-150 
Employment Needs: Full Time

Eastside Assembly - Tucson, AZ

Name of Person to Contact: Peter Kraft 
Mailing Address: 1930 S. Wilmot Rd. 
Location: Tucson, AZ 85711 
Telephone Number: 520-790-4426 
Email Address: pkraft@eastsideassembly.org 
Church Web Site Address: www.eastsideassembly.org 
Specific Needs: Eastside Assembly is a strong, missions minded and Spirit Filled church. We are looking for a strong and mature Student Pastor that is truly called to Youth Ministry. We are looking for someone with previous youth ministry experience. Please send resume with references and photo, as well as either audio or video of current ministry to pkraft@eastsideassembly.org. This is a full time position. 
Approximate Youth Ministry Size: 50-100 
Approximate Church Size: Over 300 
Employment Needs: Full Time

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