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National Youth Day

National Youth Day is Sunday, April 27, 2014. This year celebrates the 67th anniversary of what started as National Christ Ambassador's Day on March 9, 1947.

In 1947, it was suggested that pastors bring messages in keeping with the day, have a youth rally during the evening service and take up an offering to support student ministries in your church, district and national offices. Since that day, those requests haven't changed too much.
National Youth Ministries encourages you to use this day to emphasize your students IN ministry while also focusing on at least one of the following connections that catalyze students toward becoming lifelong followers of Jesus Christ:


If you would like assistance in planning a Youth Day service for your church, perhaps the sample plan on this website is a good place to start. It includes an order of service and a few creative ways to celebrate student ministry in your church.

In addition you'll find samples giving details regarding a Stockholders fund-raiser. This gives you an opportunity to fund your youth ministry through the year be receiving an offering and pledges (stocks) for the year.

Feel free to adapt any or all the materials to fit your church.

One approach would be to have the Stockholder's Banquet on Saturday, April 20 and then National Youth Day on Sunday, April 21. Special thanks to Pastor Jake out of Butte, MT and Dan Liebe, DYD, for providing the materials for this.

Of course you can celebrate student ministry on any Sunday and/or hold a fundraiser for your youth ministry any time. These are simply ideas.
If your church is looking for a speaker for Stockholder's Banquet and/or National Youth Day, you may want to consider one of the NYM directors. They are experienced student ministries leaders and preachers. Please contact us at youth@ag.org to find out about scheduling.

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