Job Posting Form

In an effort to assist churches and ministers, the Assemblies of God Youth Ministries office provides this service to churches that are currently looking for a youth minister to fill an available position. The lists are updated regularly to reflect additions, deletions or changes submitted. Your submission will automatically expire after 90 days. You can renew this by resubmitting the form. Inclusion on the list of positions does not imply endorsement by the Assemblies of God Youth Ministries office nor can we personally recommend any individual nor contact them on your behalf. The General Council of the Assemblies of God is not responsible for the accuracy of the content listed in the job postings below.

Youth Pastors

The AG Youth Ministries office is not permitted to post names or resumes of those seeking the position in a local church. Prospective staff members may contact any of the churches in the list below in your search.

Pastors and Church Administrators

If you have an available youth ministry position in your church and would like to add it to our list of positions, please click here to submit our Job Posting Form.

Bethel Christian
Parma, Ohio

Dan Lund
Phone #: 440.842.9600

Crossroads Church
Belton, Texas

Katie Crane
Phone #: 512.800.4684

Faith Christian Assembly
Middletown, Connecticut

Chris Mallett
Phone #: 860.593.9247

First Assembly of God
La Porte, Texas

Jordin Williams
Phone #: 281.471.4200

First Coast Christian Center
Jacksonville, Florida

Pastor Perry Fruscella
Phone #: 904.757.7641

Fortress AG Church
San Antonio, Texas

Randy Garcia
Phone #: 210.823.4525

IPC Hebron Houston
Houston, Texas

Geiby George
Phone #: 832.265.6050

Lake Wylie Christian
Lake Wylie, South Carolina

Alec Forman
Phone #: 803.831.7036

Monmouth Worship Center Assemblies of God
Marlboro, New Jersey

Janice Wiggan
Phone #: 732.332.9600

New Life Assembly of God
Monticello, Arkansas

Tim Parke
Phone #: 870.224.2288

Real Life Church
Fort Mill, South Carolina

Pastor Ed Frost
Phone #: 813.629.1404

Spirit Life Assemblies of God Church
Omaha, Nebraska

Dave Scrabeck
Phone #: 402.733.6583

The Gateway Church
Spring Lake, Michigan

Bonnie Scott
Phone #: 231.799.2141

Upcountry Church
Travelers Rest, South Carolina

Rob Rucci
Phone #: 864.610.0699

Valley Life Center
Dallas, Oregon

Chris Barker, Lead Pastor
Phone #: 503.623.4116