Where will AIM take me?

This is such a fun question to ask of the Lord. AIM will help you to "Go into all the world..." And you can go with the knowledge that you are following in the same footsteps taken by tens of thousands of AIMers dating all the way back to 1966.

Through AIM, there are many opportunities for you to get involved in extraordinary ministries all around the world. Your AIM trip can be either stateside or international and can be initiated and led by the local church, district, national office, and/or an approved third-party ministry.

Steps to taking an AIM trip

1. Answer the following questions:

a. Where will AIM take me? Where do you want to go? Foreign trip or US Trip? Your answers can be as specific as City, Country (Rustenburg, South Africa) or as general as region (South America).

b. When do you want to go?

c. Do you know what missionary you would like to work with? (If not, don't worry. We will help.)

2. If you are taking an international/foreign AIM trip, please click here.  You will be working directly with AGWM for your missions' trip.

3. If you are taking a stateside/domestic AIM trip, please complete the AIM Outreach Form.

4. Begin praying for the people you will take and encounter on this trip.

Upon receiving the AIM Outreach Form for your stateside AIM trip, we will contact you with the next steps of planning your trip. Our goal is to partner with and resource you in planning your trip. If you are an experienced missions trip leader, we will not slow you down. However, if you need our assistance, we are here to serve.

AIM Requirements for Stateside AIM Trips

1. Obtain necessary approvals by completing the AIM Outreach Form. 

2. Secure a written invitation from the Assemblies of God US missionary(ies) or Assemblies of God licensed minister with whom you will work with.

3. Complete the subsequent AIM Forms (provided to you following the above-mentioned approvals) a. Assumption of Risk (Leaders) b. Parental Consent (Minors) c. Insurance Application d. HIPPA Authorization e. AIM Trip Affidavit

4. Obtain background checks for all adults 18 years of age and older participating in your AIM trip. Considering today's legal environment, churches assume unprecedented liability risks in the selection and screening of church workers. Background checks for all staff and adult volunteers of AIM teams are becoming increasingly important.

One of the most significant legal risks facing the church world is the risk of negligent selection. Negligent selection means carelessness or a failure to exercise reasonable care in the selection of a worker. A finding of negligent selection dramatically impacts the liability of a church and/or its workers. It is suggested that each district and/or church check with the legal authorities in your state on the proper procedure for conducting the background or criminal records check.


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