Dates: June 21 – July 2
Cost: Starting at $2,599*

*Cost includes airfare from LAX or SFO. Airfare is estimated until purchased in full and is subject to change. See full Terms & Conditions for more information.

Destination: Alaska is another world, with spans of frozen tundra and ice-capped peaks. It is filled with the most dramatic wildlife and geography of any state in the country. Alaska's sheer size is often understated in world maps: the state is bigger than California, Montana and Texas combined. Its coastline is longer than the rest of the United States' all together. Bald eagles dot the shorelines like the sea gulls of other states. Glaciers crouch in the interior and peaks crowd into the backgrounds of every view.

Alaska is separated from the continental U.S. geographically. The fact that no road reaches into its territory from the outside makes it that much more isolated. Its situation in the northern hemisphere plunges it into long stints of darkness in the winter, and long stretches of daylight during the summer. Though its residents are Americans, its culture and background are foreign in many respects. Shamanism and superstition are widespread, and the state has the highest rate of suicide of any state in the nation. The people are in desperate need of hope.

Ministry: We will be serving with Mark & Heidi Zweifel and the team of Alaska Outreach to begin the journey of reaching 100 villages with no gospel witness. Pastor Josh Dryer, the children’s pastor of Fairbanks First Assembly, has a passion for the lost and was the inspiration for this incredible opportunity. A portion of our team will remain in Fairbanks facilitating a Mega sports camp designed specifically for this outreach. The rest of our team will be separated into smaller groups and spend their week serving in an Alaskan village. Many of which are only accessible by plane or boat. These smaller groups will bring, in some cases, the first ever gospel witness to these villages. Our ministry will be primarily focused on youth and children. We intend on reaching 10 of the 100 villages targeted by Pastors Mark and Josh. Our ultimate goal is to mobilize hundreds of young people from the lower 48 to reach these 100 villages for the cause of Christ.

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