Campus One Day

Mobilize youth ministries to make a difference


Together everyone accomplishes more, right?! We are better together.


With Campus One Day, youth leaders are empowered to build campus missions vision and strategy into their local youth ministry network.


It’s more than the guts of a one-day training. It provides guidance, networking help, and resources to mobilize youth ministries to make a difference, together.


Produced by Youth Alive® through a unique collaboration with Campus Alliance and National Network of Youth Ministries, Campus One Day is built to advance student-led campus ministry everywhere.


The Campus One Day resource contains everything a group of youth leaders needs for launching student-led campus ministry in their schools and communities: the HEART (important values students must internalize); the HOW (their next steps); and the WHO (helpful session outlines specific to students, youth leaders, and school teachers too!). Additionally, an appendix with worksheets students can use to prepare for campus ministry as part of Campus One Day, or as follow up to the event.


Leaders will use this resource to build their own event and strategy that mobilizes youth ministries to make a difference in their schools and communities.


Mobilize youth ministries to make a difference, together!


Studying the Scripture draws us to become like Him.


God’s Spirit illuminates the truth of Scripture to transform hearts, expose sin, and invite us into God's purpose.


A personal decision to engage with the Bible prepares us to give an answer for the hope within us.