Everybody's talking about how this generation is focused on justice and compassion. I couldn't agree more. You know, this generation of students say they want to make a difference. They sign up to dig a water well, don't they? They want to buy a pair of shoes so that another pair of shoes can be provided to someone in need. I'm deeply motivated when students give up their lunch money, and their paychecks, and their Christmas presents, and birthday presents, and they mow lawns, and they wash cars, and they give their money to Speed the Light. Why? Because they understand that people are hurting, that there are billions of people sitting in quiet desperation.

It's one thing to make a difference. And thank God that we can make a difference. But it's another thing to make the difference. And in Assemblies of God Youth Ministries we want to make sure that our students remain resolute on the entire reason that we gathered together as a faith community to begin with.

Jesus is not the preferred way. Jesus is not the cool way. Jesus is not the most comfortable way. Jesus is not even the American way. According to the Word of God, Jesus is the only way. "For there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved." (Acts 4:12, ESV)

We want to make sure that the generation of students that we have the privilege of serving is personally responsible for the mission of God. That has a local expression and a global expression.

Through things like Speed the Light, and going on a missions trip, whatever it may be, we want to make sure that this generation of students - whether God calls them to be a missionary or not - that they spend and invest the rest of their lives making sure that the gospel is preached to the unreached, to those who have not yet heard. But we also want to make sure that students are not just so focused on the nations beyond that they forget that when they walk through their school campus, when they walk through the mall with their friends, or when they're hanging out in their living room playing video games or watching a movie, that even there they can be personally responsible for God's mission in their generation.

It's amazing what God will do when somebody just says "God I am yours. Do whatever you want with me." You know what, they won't just make a difference. Through Jesus Christ, and preaching, and even more so sharing and demonstrating the gospel in a tangible practical way, they don't just make a difference. They make the difference.

I want you to be on the watch because God is doing something in this generation of students that the prophets talked about and angels have heard rumors about. Our students are becoming personally responsible for the mission that is greater than any other mission. It is the mission of God. And we stand in awe of what God is going to continue to do through students like yours and students like mine until the end comes.

God bless you.